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About Us

Consolidated Aircraft Supply Co., Inc. is a FAA Part-145 and EASA certified large overhaul shop that specializes in the overhaul, repair and exchange of Class 1, 2, and 3 aircraft accessories. With competitive rates, quality workmanship, fast turnaround, and personalized service, Consolidated Aircraft Supply Co., Inc. brings together what you are looking for in an accessories overhaul shop. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our AOG service is recognized for excellence throughout the industry.

A Legacy Company

In 1957, Orie Matza founded Consolidated Aircraft Supply Co., Inc., fulfilling his dream of establishing a customer-oriented, aviation overhaul, repair, and related services provider. Over the years, we have become renowned in the industry for conducting business with honesty, ensuring professional service, and consistently providing quality, efficiency, and value to our customers. The company continues to be family owned and follows the philosophy of our founder: No request is too small, too large, or too complex.

Our Team

As with most success stories, Consolidated Aircraft Supply's rise is due to the collaboration of a dedicated team of seasoned professionals. We are talking about employees like John Maragioglio. Promoted within the company, he has 13 years of experience in inventory control and customer service. He joined John Romeo, our lead salesman, who has 17 years experience, and Hank Lang, with 15 years experience.

Our current staff totals over 60 employees, of which 35 are experienced technicians. Members of our technical team each have at least 10 years of experience. Solely focused on aircraft accessories, our technicians will overhaul and/or repair any item, no matter how specialized. Thoroughly grounded in the aviation industry, our sales force serves a wide range of customers throughout the United States and in nations around the world.

At the helm are co-owners and brothers Steve and Gary Matza, both proficient hands-on managers with added expertise. Gary is a fully licensed A&P mechanic. Steve utilizes his background in physics.

The bottom line is that our dedicated team has the expertise to get the job done right and save you money in the long run. Call us today to find out how we can serve you.

Service Today & Tomorrow

Specializing in overhaul and repair of Class I, II, III mechanical, electrical, and electronic equipment, Consolidated Aircraft Supply serves a wide range of customers: OEMs, corporate operators, airlines, military and other government agencies, medical evacuation units, and more. We work in all segments of aviation and aerospace and on most airplane and helicopter models (excluding light planes and experimental aircraft). Officially approved by most major airframe manufacturers, we have a reputation for working on components that other shops will not touch. With 8,000 units serviced per year across ourglobal customer base, we support aircraft operators around the world.

Our state-of-the-art facility currently occupies 28,000 square feet in close proximity to MacArthur Airport on Long Island, New York. Two adjacent acres are set aside for future expansion. For the foreseeable future, our ongoing success and growth will continue to be based on providing innovative aircraft accessory solutions when and where needed.


Contact Us

Consolidated Aircraft Supply Co., Inc.
55 Raynor Ave.
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
United States



Phone: 631-981-7700

Toll Free (US): 800-422-6300

Fax: 631-981-7706

Authorized Service Provider



FAA certified to provide overhaul
and repair services for:
  • Class 1 Mechanical Accessories
  • Class 2 Electrical Accessories
  • Class 3 Electronic Accessories


EASA Part-145 approval:
  • Class 1 Mechanical Accessories
  • Class 2 Electrical Accessories
  • Class 3 Electronic Accessories